Our company is people- with knowledge, experience and dedication.
  We know our strengths.
  Together we create good working environment.
  We want to deliver products and services like no one ever has delivered

Our offer for you is mainly:

  1. GRAPHITE ELECTRODES made on CHMER HE65GT and OPS Ingersoll 600 machines guaranteeing accuracy
  2. GRAPHITE FOR EDM from two producers:
    – POCO – ultrafine graphites, dedicated to the aviation industry and very precise electrodes; additionally, we offer advice on techniques and optimization of the drilling process,
    – Tokai Carbon – a wide range of graphites for various applications.
  3. EROWA and FTOOL FASTENING SYSTEMS enabling the maintenance of a constant base and quick changeover of machines.
  4. CAD / CAM design services.
  5. Cooperation in the field of machining, EDM / WEDM drilling, deep hole drilling, grinding.

Friendly service and a guarantee of high-quality products and services are the features that make it worth doing business with us.
We have the satisfaction that we work for you!

We are a member of Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster

Best Regards
EDM Tools