EDM machining is divided into two types: EDM and WEDM – Wire Electrical Discharge Machinning. The factor that distinguishes both processes is the type of electrode used. In the case of WEDM we deal with wire wound on a spool. In the EDM process, the following working materials can be used: copper, copper-tungsten, graphite, and graphite impregnated with copper. Graphite in relation to copper is characterized by greater efficiency, faster and more stable drilling process and allows for making smaller and more complex shapes of electrodes. The specific gravity of graphite is lower than that of copper, which greatly facilitates the work of operators and thus allows for more stable operation of the machines. However, in order to take full advantage of all the assets that the use of graphite brings, it is first of all necessary to optimize the process and adapt it to the needs of specific works performed in the tool room / workshop. POCO Graphite and EDM Tools conduct graphite training for companies working with graphite or for those who want to switch from copper to graphite.

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